Investor Relations


If you have free financial resources and want to multiply them several times, by investing in the development of ChumDevelopment Company, please contact us: +48 577-956-684 or We are happy to establish a serious cooperation!

We have now:

A decentralized application for iOS and Android systems, a strong team, consisting of the people with passion and talent, an internationally registered brand, product identification materials, created social media channels, explainer video, "give $20 and receive $50" invitation system, Google FireBase, secure payment system, know-how, a plan for the future development, £ 220,000 invested in the project and over 1,000 successful transactions.

We need:

To hire more people and to find a funds for the future growth and development, including the implementation of new technologies such as our own cryptocurrency, the system transformation or launching the ALFA program, as well as rebranding and advertisement.

We offer:

% in company shares = % in company profits

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