Tradechum App Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Tradechum App Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. What do the following terms mean?
 User – person who has registered an account in TradeChum application (must be at
least 18 years old).
 Buyer – User who, in order to purchase specific goods, accepted the conditions of
Order Execution,
 Traveler – User who undertook to purchase certain goods in the name and on behalf of
the Buyer under the Conditions of Order Execution and then deliver the goods to the
 Seller – entity from which the Traveler purchases goods in the name and on behalf of
the Buyer,
 Order Execution Conditions – detailed conditions for the purchase of goods, including
in particular the price of goods and other costs related to the purchase and delivery of
goods, possible insurance of goods, as well as date of order execution and the time,
place and method of delivery of goods,
 Purchase price of Goods – price for which the Traveler undertakes to purchase goods
in the name and on benefit of the Buyer,
 Transaction amount – total purchase price of goods and costs related to the purchase
and delivery of goods, possible insurance of goods,
 TradeChum commission – 8% of the Transaction Amount,
 Fee – total amount of Transaction and commission charged by TradeChum,
 Terms of Use – these TradeChum Terms of Service.
2. What is TradeChum?
TradeChum is a web application dedicated to Android and iOS mobile platforms, provided by
the company: Chum Development Ltd, address: 207 Regent Street, London, England, W1B
3HH, registered under 10667204.
3. What is TradeChum used for?
 TradeChum enables Buyers to purchase goods from all over the world through
 TradeChum only role in each transaction is to help the Buyer and Traveler locate each
other and to determine details of the transaction. TradeChum is not responsible for
performance of obligations by any of the parties in this transaction. TradeChum does
not provide commercial or transport services.
4. What is the cooperation between the Buyer, Traveler and TradeChum?
 The Buyer who intends to purchase specific goods makes available through his
Account the properties of goods and proposed conditions of the sale transaction.

 The Traveler who may undertake the purchase of goods on behalf of the Buyer
informs the Buyer about the Conditions of Order Execution.
 By the Buyer’s acceptance of the Conditions of Order Execution given by the
Traveler, the parties in this way conclude an intermediary contract for the purchase
and delivery of goods. Acceptance of the Conditions of Order Execution by the Buyer
means that the Traveler is authorized to purchase specific goods in the name and on
behalf of the Buyer.
 By accepting the Conditions of Order Execution, the Buyer confirms that he is aware
 The Traveler undertakes only to provide intermediary services in the purchase of
goods on behalf of the Buyer and delivery of goods to a place agreed with the Buyer,
 the sales contract for the goods specified by the Buyer is concluded between the Buyer
and Seller,
 liability for defects of goods shall be borne by the Seller.
 The Traveler executing the delivery of goods transfers to the Buyer all documents
related to the purchase of goods, in particular documents confirming the purchase of
goods and warranty.
 The Traveler may deliver the goods in person or through other entities.
 Ownership of goods being the subject of transaction between the Seller and Buyer
shall be vested to the Buyer from the moment of purchase of goods through the
Traveler. However, for the loss or damage of goods from the moment of purchase to
release of goods to the Buyer shall be borne by the Traveler.
 Delivery of goods to the Buyer is each time confirmed by:
a) scanning QR code or confirmation of shipment receipt from the entity providing
the delivery service at the Traveler’s request, or
b) confirmation by the Buyer of the shipment receipt via TradeChum application.
 Delivery conditions are agreed between the Traveler and Buyer. It is forbidden to
negotiate, determine and approve conditions for the execution of orders, as well as to
make settlements – without TradeChum. In case of violation of this prohibition, both
the Traveler’s and the Buyer’s accounts will be removed from the application and each
of the users of these accounts will be charged by TradeChum with a contractual
penalty in the amount of expected Transaction Amount.
 TradeChum strongly recommends that all personal meetings between the Traveler or
the person delivering on behalf of the Traveler and the Buyer take place in a public
 The User is not allowed to provide illegal content through TradeChum.
5. What may be the subject of transaction?

 The subject of transaction may be various objects, in particular items included in the
following categories: fashion, jewelry, beauty, electronics, sport and recreation, books,
films, music, health, automotive and tools, art and antiques.
 Items prohibited (illegal) in their country of origin, destination or jurisdiction of any
country through which they will be transported, and in addition, may not be subject to
the transaction:
 counterfeiting of goods or currency,
 stolen property,
 alcohol,
 live animals,
 firearms, ammunition, explosives,
 human remains,
 pornography,
 drugs,
 any products or objects related to illegal activities, such as the production of illicit
 batteries,
 aerosols and flammable liquids,
 knives, police truncheons and other weapons,
 items imported without the necessary customs declaration, if required.
 The Traveler is responsible for assessing the possibility of delivery of goods and
preparing the delivery for transport. For this purpose, to the extent necessary, the
Traveler is entitled to unpack the goods or repack the goods into another packaging.
6. What are the payment conditions?
 By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Order Execution, the Buyer undertakes to
pay the Fee via PayPal, bank transfer or through a payment operator using Bitcoin and
Ethereum cryptovalutes.
 The amount of Fees consists of:
 Transaction Amount, which consists of: purchase price of goods and costs related to
the purchase and delivery of goods, possible insurance of goods,
 TradeChum commission of 4% of the Transaction Amount.

 TradeChum does not determine the price of goods in question or cost of their delivery.
The price of goods and costs of the delivery order are agreed between the Traveler and
 TradeChum may introduce periodic promotions, which do not require a change to the
Terms of Use. TradeChum will notify you of the terms and conditions of TradeChum
promotion by e-mail or by providing information on TradeChum’s website or mobile
application. Terms and Conditions of the promotion are binding for a period specified
by TradeChum.
 Payment processes between the Seller and Buyer are as follows:
 fee is charged by TradeChum to the buyer;
 then the Transaction Amount is stored by TradeChum to confirm the delivery of goods
in accordance with point 4(8),
 after the goods have been handed over to the Buyer, the Transaction Amount is sent to
the Traveler.
 User data, including their PayPal accounts and other forms of payment, is collected
and stored by TradeChum to enable the execution of transactions between Travelers
and Buyers, and the collection by TradeChum of applicable Buyer Fees.
7. How to use TradeChum?
 Before you start using TradeChum and you register your account, please read these
Terms of Use carefully.
 In order to become a User, you must register to create an Account. Once you have
activated your account, you can publish your orders and delivery offers. By registering
for an account, you and TradeChum have entered into a contract for the provision of
services in accordance with the Terms of Use.
 By registering with TradeChum, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and
Privacy Policy and to be bound by these documents. Registration with TradeChum is
not possible without acceptance of these Terms of Use.
 By registering for an Account, the User is required to provide certain personal data, in
particular: name and surname, e-mail address, profile photo, information related to the
PayPal account.
 Providing incomplete or outdated personal data or information related to your PayPal
account may prevent you from using the services provided by TradeChum.
 You agree that you are responsible for all actions you take within your Account. If you
know or suspect that your Account has been attacked by a hacker, you must notify the
TradeChum teams immediately via the contact form so that the TradeChum team
could take appropriate action.

 You agree that you will not allow third parties to use your Account. If the User
authorizes the use of his Account, will be solely responsible for activities of such third
parties in his Account.
 If you suspect or believe that another person is using your Account, you should take
the following steps:
 change password to the Account;
 check your offer and its descriptions;
 check all account settings and payments made;
 notify TradeChum via the contact form.
 Users have a limited, non-exclusive, revocable right:
 access the TradeChum apps and install them on own mobile devices only in relation to
the services we provide;
 access and use the content, information and related materials provided by TradeChum
 When using TradeChum’s mobile applications and services, you agree to comply with
all applicable laws and to use the services for lawful purposes.
 All rights not granted to you in these Terms of Use are reserved for TradeChum.
 Users may not post any false, misleading or defamatory content about TradeChum,
other users or third parties in the mobile applications provided by TradeChum.
 You agree not to take any action or use any technical means or technology that may
interfere with or pose a threat to TradeChum’s technical infrastructure, applications
and services, and enable the unauthorized collection of your personal data.
8. What are TradeChum’s rights?
 TradeChum may at any time and for any reason prevent you from using its services,
deny you access to them or stop offering them.
 TradeChum is entitled to mobile applications, the services provided by TradeChum
and all related rights. You do not have any rights to use or refer in any way to
TradeChum’s names, logos, product and service names, trademarks.
9. What are the terms and conditions of TradeChum’s liability?
TradeChum is not liable for:
 goods which are the subject of transaction between the Travelers and Buyers;
 timely delivery of goods by the Traveler,

 reliability, honesty, punctuality and any other characteristics and skills of Travelers
and Buyers;
 content uploaded to our mobile applications by Users, or for their acts or omissions, to
which the User by registering an Account simultaneously gives consent.
 The User agrees that TradeChum shall not be liable for any damages, losses or
compensations incurred by the User in relation to:
 use of services provided by TradeChum;
 inability to access or use TradeChum’s services;
 transactions between the Seller, Traveler and Buyer,
 goods which are the subject of transactions between the Seller and Buyers through the
 The Users bear, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, all risks arising
from the use of TradeChum applications and services provided, and from the use of
goods which are the subject of transactions conducted through TradeChum.
 The User agrees to indemnify TradeChum against all damages and losses resulting
from disputes between Users.
 The User agrees that once the handover of goods to the Buyer has been confirmed in
accordance with point 4(8), the role of TradeChum will not be affected by any
damages or losses resulting from disputes between the Users. TradeChum
recommends that users exchange goods by personal scanning QR codes, as only then
there is no possibility of fraud. The Traveler sends a product by the courier at own
10. Is it possible to return the costs and goods?
 The Buyer receives a full refund if the Traveler resigns from realization of the order.
 In cases other than those indicated in section 1, the conditions for return of ordered
goods or non-compliance resulting from erroneous or incomplete description, the
Traveler and Buyer shall agree between them.
 TradeChum application is based on the principle of meticulous/accurate description of
 TradeChum is not responsible for the quality, quantity and condition of goods
delivered to the Buyer.
11. How does TradeChum protect personal data?
 TradeChum collects and processes the personal data provided by Users in accordance
with applicable laws and in accordance with the Privacy Policy attached as Appendix
1 to the Terms of Use.

 Personal data of other Users are disclosed to Users only in cases provided for in the
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for purposes related to the execution of transactions
and in other cases, with the prior consent of data subject.
 The User is obliged not to disclose to third parties information concerning other Users,
which TradeChum has received in connection with the use of application, unless prior
consent has been obtained from the User to whom the data relate. In particular, it is
forbidden to use this information for commercial purposes, in particular to promote in
any form the activities of the User outside TradeChum.
12. How to lodge a complaint?
 The User may lodge a complaint via the contact form or e-mail address
 Complaint must include at least the name under which the User is registered with
TradeChum and description of objections raised.
 TradeChum recognizes the complaint within 14 days of receipt. If the complaint does
not contain necessary information to consider it, TradeChum will ask the complainant
to supplement it to the extent necessary, and a period of 14 days will run from the date
of its delivery. TradeChum may request clarification from other Users in order to
resolve a complaint
13. How to resolve a dispute between the Traveler and Buyer?
 You may contact TradeChum to resolve your dispute amicably with another User. In
this case, the party interested in resolving the dispute should submit a request to
TradeChum via the contact form to participate in resolving the dispute.
 Request must include at least the name under which the User is registered with
TradeChum, description of objections and indication of proposed means to resolve the
 TradeChum will process your request within 14 days of receipt. If the application does
not contain necessary information to resolve the dispute, TradeChum will ask the
applicant to complete the application to the extent necessary, and a period of 14 days
will run from the date of its delivery. In order to settle the dispute, TradeChum
requests clarification from all Users interested in resolving the dispute.
 If TradeChum fails to reach an amicable settlement within 2 months from the date of
request referred to in section 1, the Users must resolve the dispute on their own,
without TradeChum.
14. How to resolve a dispute between the User and TradeChum?
 TradeChum Users and TradeChum team agree to resolve any disputes amicably. The
process of amicable dispute resolution should take no less than 30 days. If there is no
possibility of an amicable settlement, the dispute will be settled by the competent
Polish common courts operating in the capital city of Warsaw.
 The law applicable to relations between the User and TradeChum is Polish law.

15. How to contact TradeChum?
If you have any questions, comments, complaints or objections regarding the Terms of Use,
Privacy Policy or any other aspect of TradeChum’s business, please contact us using the
contact form or e-mail address
16. Can the Terms of Use be amended?
 TradeChum may amend or cancel these Terms of Use at any time and for any reason.
Any amendment to these Terms of Use will take effect on the date indicated by
TradeChum. The period of amendment may not be less than 7 days after the revised
Terms of Use have been made available to TradeChum.
 If you log in to TradeChum for the first time after amendments come into force, you
will be notified of these modifications and of the need to accept them if you wish to
continue using TradeChum. If you do not accept the amendments, your account will
be inactive until you accept the amended Terms of Use. All orders for which the Order
Execution Terms have been accepted prior to any amendments to the Terms of Use
will be subject to the existing Terms of Use.
17. Promotional codes, when inviting friends
 The User who invites a friend can get a code of up to $50 when an invited friend goes
on a journey with product for a person in need and the transaction is 100% completed
(i.e. money will be transferred from the Buyer’s account to your friend’s account).
You can earn $50 if you buy more than $499. If you buy on $200, your code will give
you a $20 discount. The codes are in the form of 10% discount with a limit of up to
$50. The User who is invited to join the application receives a code generated by the
TradeChum application, which functions immediately and once upon purchase of a
product. The User enters received code in the last step of purchase, i.e. before
payment. The code is the same as code for the User, who receives it for the fact that
invited person went on a journey and successfully completed the transaction with the
limit up to $20 per transaction.
18. Is it possible to withdraw from the contract with TradeChum?
 The User who is a consumer may, within 14 days from the conclusion of agreement
indicated in point 7(2), withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. The
rules of withdrawal from the agreement, including the standard form on withdrawal
from the agreement, which the User may use, are specified in the instruction
constituting Attachment No. 2 to the Terms of Use.
 Withdrawal in this mode is not possible, if before the expiry of this period, the User
has published an announcement or an offer to carry out the order, i.e. provision of the
service by TradeChum has been commenced.

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